Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Awarded 4½ stars by Platter.

Winemaker's Notes


100% Sauvignon Blanc

Bottling date

August 2016

No. of bottles

13 350 x 750ml


  • Alcohol . . . 13 VOL%
    Sugar . . . 2.0 G/L
  • Total Acid . . . 5.6 G/L
    Volatile Acidity . . . 0.29 G/L
  • pH . . . 3.41
    Total SO2 . . . 114 mg/l
  • Free SO2 . . . 39 mg/l


Sauvignon Blanc grapes were harvested by hand from Nova Zonnestraal vineyards in the Constantia Valley at the end of February 2016 at 22.5° balling. Whole bunches were cooled to 10°C and then lightly pressed in a 6 ton bag press to 600 litres of juice per ton. Fermentation at 14°C for 14 days, was followed by 6 months sur lie aging in stainless steel tanks.

Winemakers Harvest Notes - 2016

Looking back now, it is clear to see why we succeeded in what others are calling "a tricky vintage".

The lead up was dry and cool, which is well suited to Sauvignon Blanc. Fortunately, the vines are not irrigated. This gives them an advantage with drier vintages, as they are sufficiently established underground to find water in the deeper parts of the soil.

Vintage came quite early for us, as we picked our first parcel on the 28th of January, and finished with our 3rd parcel on 11th February. The drier season is partly to thank for the early harvest, but also because we opened up the vineyard canopy up a bit more than the previous year, and allowed more sunlight through. This worked to our advantage as the grapes ripened with lots of fruit flavours, without losing too much acidity. This also helped us to pick with an average sugar of 22.8 Balling, helping to keep the wine more balanced, and bring the alcohol down.

In total we picked 25.5 tons, giving us a yield of 6.4 tons per hectare. Our young vines, planted in 2015, are coming along nicely, but we only expect to harvest them in 2018."


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